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Hosted VoIP Mythbusters

Uncovering the truth about Business VoIP

Hosted VoIP has been around for over a decade yet even as an increasing number of businesses discover the many benefits VoIP brings to the workplace, others are hindered by ten-year-old assumptions lingering from the days of VoIP’s early beginnings.

Could it be that your business is missing out on VoIP’s benefits based on ideas that are no longer true?

Today’s VoIP service has evolved and allows you to make and receive calls using standard phones, or even better, feature-rich IP phones. Sound quality has vastly improved, too – in fact, many businesses today have abandoned traditional phone systems in favor of VoIP. (1)

What does this mean for your business? We separate fact from fiction to uncover the truth about Hosted VoIP.

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Myth #1: "What I have now is good enough"

Reality: Traditional telephone has reached its limits. Keeping up with today's business demands mobility, versatility, and functionality, which yesterday's telephone service just can't deliver.

Eventually, the limits of an old system become the limits of your business. Customers aren't expendable and delivering superior service requires looking for new ways to conduct business as efficiently as possible. That's where Telesystem's Hosted VoIP phone system excels.

If you expect your business to be better than good enough, the tools you run it with should be too.

Myth #2: "Hosted VoIP is too expensive"

Reality: "In today's economy, the successful businesses are the ones that can be lean and efficient. VoIP provides a clear digital signal and cost savings opportunities that were unheard of 10-12 years ago.

Whether it's inbound, toll-free, or long distance, telephony costs continue to drop. And with a Hosted VoIP model, a large investment in PBX hardware that will be obsolete in a few years is no longer required."(2)

Myth #3: "Hosted VoIP is too complicated"

Reality: We simplify VoIP from the beginning.

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Before our work is done, we deliver training on your Hosted VoIP solution as well as follow-ups and on-going product training. 

Myth #4: "Hosted VoIP isn't reliable"

Reality: “If you run your VoIP network over dedicated lines, the Quality-of-Service is just as good, if not better, than the Quality-of-Service associated with standard phone lines.”(3)

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